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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Brand new tyres for my car

My car has finally installed with two brand new tyres...

About two weeks ago, AO spotted my bald and scratched front left tyre. OMG!! I didn't know my tyre was in bad condition before this! On the next day, I went to a tyre shop and consulted the mechanic. This uncle mechanic shook his head and scolded me for driving with the bad condition tyre. He told me that the tyre might just burst on the road if I drive too fast.

After he settled with his earlier customer, he carefully checked all my tyres. He asked when was my last time changing the tyres... Emm... So far, I changed only 1 tyre which was punctured a few years back. Other than that, the rest of the tyres were already 6 years old. He nagged me a little... I was adviced to purchase at least 2 more new tyres for replacement. However, he didn't have stock for my model. So, he took out my spare tyre and changed the spoiled tyre. Then, I will need to come back again when the new tyres arrived.

When I told my colleagues about this incident, they were laughing at me! TY said 'You mean 6 years? Hahaha! Even those new tyres on the rack also expired already!' *Blush* Yea... I know nuts when it comes to car maintenance stuff. Now I know, I am supposed to rotate my car tyres every 2 years or so, in order to drag the life span of the tyres. Besides, I should check my car and the conditions of tyres every so often... Yes, yes!! I remember now... =)

Finally, the tyres have arrived and I changed them today! Initially, I thought the process of changing tyre is very easy. Buy a new tyre, take out the old tyre and install the new tyre, right?... NO! In fact, they got to go through a lot of testing before installing the tyres. What I observed was, the mechanic put the tyres on 3 different machines to do some testing... I am not sure what sort of testing are those... But for sure, changing tyre is not as easy as what I thought. In the end, it costs me RM225 including some car alignment and etc.

Sadly, this workshop accept only cash... Issh! I gave him all the cash in my purse already. Yea... I'm officially broke! =(

Disclaimer: Please check with your mechanic for proper car care advice.



Sue Lin said...

Crap my car tyres are also old! Its been years since i rotated. The Perodua in Sunway is good they actually bother to advice. The Cheras one doesnt care. But most of the time i go to Cheras, now switched to the shoplot mechanic... they also dun really care... just focus on engine.

Do u do alignment and balancing? I did it last year and my car's was really bad! Also remember to pump air every so often, makes the useful life longer! Steering also better! Hahah

I dun wanna change my tyres! 5 years old d... since i am one year younger than u... they look ok... to me...

Jacqueline said...

Hey! U better check ur tyres... For safety sake... I recommend you to the mechanic in BHP Station Taman Cheras... The mechanics are good and honest. They are actually recommended by my uncle who drives a Taxi. =)

Emm.. Usually those who specialise in engine, wont care bout your tyres or alignments... hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

Good fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.

Jacqueline said...

Welcome, anonymous.