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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Treasure hunt

About 2 weeks ago, I was doing a spring cleaning for my room. I rearranged my stuff and pack some unused items into plastics/ box. Then, I found a heavy bag. I tried to empty out all the items from my bag and it was still very heavy. I wonder why? I heard some 'cling-ing' sound from the bag. However, there's nothing inside. *Blur*

After that, I was checking if there's any hole in the bag because some stuff like coins might felt into the hole and got into the second layer of the bag. First checking, no hole was found... Second checking, no hole was found too!!! =( When it come to the third checking... true enough, I found a small hole in the side pocket!

Finally, I found a hole in my bag!!!

Then, I tried to dig into my bag... *dig dig dig* The hole used to be very tiny. After I dug into it, it became bigger and bigger. But, guess what?!!?!?! I found treasures inside my bag!!! check out the picture below...

The items found include:
  1. My long lost watch... I have bought a new watch a week before I discovered this! Grrr..... Should have discover this earlier.... =(
  2. A sweet that I got from a Korean BBQ Restaurant in Ampang... Few months ago after helping out in a company roadshow
  3. My long lost necklace... A meaningful necklace to me =)
  4. Last but not least, some coins worth RM3.95!!!! These are the main contributor of the heavy weight... I am now RM3.95 richer...
I have no idea why I didnt know about the hole in my bag earlier... No wonder it was always heavy. =p


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