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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Da Vinci Code

Few months ago, I borrowed "The Da Vinci Code" novel by Dan Brown from my brother's university library. It took me ages to read the book... In the end, I didn't even manage to finish reading it before the due date. The next thing I knew was, my dad bought us the DVD! Hahah! Not only "The Da Vinci Code", he bought "Angels and Demons" too!!

Yesterday, I finally found some time to sit in front of the tv and watch it. Well, not to say I am too busy to watch tv on normal days. I do spend a lot of hours in front of tv daily. However, most of the time we have to tune into the channels that my grandmother likes --> Astro Walaitoi, Channel 311. LOL!

Eventhough this is a very old movie, which was released in year 2006, I still enjoyed the movie a lot! I amazed with how Professor Langdon cracked the codes and removed the clue from the cryptex before destroying it. He's such a genius!! There's lotsa French conversations in between... Thank god there's English subtitles! Or else, I wont be able to understand besides "bonjour"... XD

Anyway, most of my friends advised me to continue reading the book! They say the book is much much better. I think I will grab the book soon... =)



Sue Lin said...

Hahah, i also couldnt finish the book, when it was starting to get interesting, i got busy and then didnt get back to it.

Jacqueline said...

Then watch the movie to find out the ending lo... XD

Do u want to borrow my DVD? U know where I stay rite? =p

Sue Lin said...

I watched it already thanks =)

I remember ur taman but i cant remember which is ur house

Jacqueline said...

Ohh... wookie!! =)