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Saturday, February 11, 2006

A trip to Bidor – My hometown

This morning I woke up very early and prepared to go back my hometown – Bidor, Perak. Hahaa!! Its time for me to visit my grandpa, uncle and aunty… And its time to collect Angpows too!! *(^_^)*

My parents and I reached Bidor around 12.30 in the afternoon. Then, we had our lunch in “Mewah Restaurant”… Dad ordered us wantan mee… Haha! Their wantan mee is so different from KL’s… Definitely tastier and cheaper!! Yummy yum yum… =p

After we had some talks with our relatives, we went home. On the way back to KL, we passed by Tanjong Malim. Dad said Tangjong Malim’s ‘Kaya pao’ very nice… So we stop by and ate pao… Haha!! This pao business is really big! Guess what? There is already 80 years old history for the business and they even have their own website! Amazing huh? A website for pao… Haha!

Then, we passed by a market… I’m not sure it’s a Pasar Petang or Pasar Malam… Lol! But there are lots of stuffs selling over there. There are plastic-wares, variety of drinks, coffee powder, fresh vegetables, fruits, corns, kuih-muih, mee, clothes, and etc… Wow! It’s a busy market! That’s why me and my mum dropped by there and grabbed some stuffs while dad was waiting inside the car…

After we shopped for some vegetables and fruits, we continued our journey back to KL. When we reach home, mum showed my grandma what she bought… Haha! Since my mum hardly goes to the market… She’s not good in choosing vegetables… That’s why grandma complained when she sees those veges… Lol!! “This one is too old! This one is not fresh… What? Buy so much ginger for what??” Haha!! Looks like my mum failed in buying vegetables… Kekeke!!

Anyway, I’m happy to see my grandpa… *(>_<)*


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