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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

World's Best Bosses and Coworkers

I found this interesting article from BNET and would like to share will my readers.

World's Best Bosses and Coworkers

1) Creative collaborators
  • A creative collaborator has realized that success doesn’t have to entail only individual accomplishment but can be more rewarding when it includes working together. With this awareness, creative collaborators redefine that emotionally packed word “success” so that wealth, position, and fame are no longer the only purpose for defining what really matters in designing one’s life. Creative collaboration is consistent with even the greatest individual accomplishment.
2) Community Builders
  • Some things are worth fighting for, yet most the time there’s a better way. While rebels thrive on the negative attention they receive from their opposition to almost anything, community builders are capable of transcending opposition when appropriate, respecting other viewpoints and exploring areas of potential unity. They learn to embrace the notion that we’re all connected and that no one wins unless we all do.
3) Realizers
  • What’s it like when you’re in the presence of someone who really makes things happen? Most people report having a feeling of effervescence, as if they’d just taken the first sip of a good champagne.  Realizers help open doors that seemed nonexistent minutes before.  There’s a sense that all things are possible.
4) Humorists
  • Humorists are not the office clowns who make inappropriate jokes, or try to use humor to distract people from real problems.  Humorists put our comfort and worries into perspective, so that we can laugh at ourselves and the situation and pause before tackling difficulties. Humorists don’t push us to avoid conflict but instead handle it in a balance, healthy way.
5) Visionarists
  • Visionary leaders have learned the art and craft of conflict transformation. Their core aim is to unite rather than divide people.  They are sensitive to the desires and needs of others and often have internalized the feeling of what it’s like to be judged and told that they’re wrong. Out of that comes an ability to listen to others and imagine a better future.
6) Explorers
  • Explorers find out everything there is to know about a subject. They read books, browse the Internet, go to lectures and talk to just about everyone they can to find the right information. They take interest in a vast array of subjects and have a willingness to learn and an optimistic daring that is infectious. Explorers volunteer for projects and love to collaborate. While everyone else is dreading ambiguity, they will challenge all who seem unsure and hold them accountable for their words and actions. They inspire people to try new things and are always willing to be part of the first test to make sure that a project will succeed.
7) Mentors
  • Mentors know how to listen and give good advice at just the right time. They know how to stand in the background and applaud without needing credit. They’re willing to let go when you’re competent to make your own decisions without them. The best mentors are not those who sailed through life without setbacks but rather those who have had to go through their own intense training and overcome obstacles and challenges.
8) Storytellers
  • Storytelling has played a fundamental role in all societies to help human beings make sense of their world. Storytellers the world over establish a sense of credibility, authenticity, and wholeness in their communities. Rather than retreating from conflict, storytellers help communities understand how problems can be, and should be, solved.  They help communicate company values, share important business knowledge, and limit office politics. They take a firm’s agenda and communicate it to all stakeholders, helping them feel comfortable and motivated even during periods of wrenching change.
9) Integrators
  • Integrators base their success on the ability to see all sides of a situation and allow conflicting parties to not only be heard but acknowledged. They have the ability to gather a group and find ways that individuals can work together and upwards.
10) Truth Tellers
  • Truth tellers have a firm grasp on what they want to say and have given deep thought as to the possible outcomes of their discourse. They will not change their mind just to pacify someone, although they are not averse to adjusting their opinions if that will enable a conflict to push towards resolution. They do not beat around the bush, and people in their audiences generally listen.
11) Initiators
  • Initiators are willing to start work on a project before all the questions have been answered. They take charge and become full participants in situations where creativity is especially important. The initiator can tolerate and moderate the conflicts that inevitably show up before creative process comes into full bloom. The initiator takes joy in the creative process and shows a willingness to let in all who wish to be included. Initiator like to get involved in the thick of arguments, thus allowing them to be resolved more quickly so that the creative process can move forward.
12) Trust Builders
  • Building trust means peeling away the defenses that have built over lifetimes. In the workplace, leaders build trust by considering all aspects of the business, from a successful bottom line to creative and engaged employees.
13) Peacemakers
  • Peacemakers cannot be swayed to side with one group or individual against another.What they care about is the fight to preserve the integrity of the whole system.Peacemakers teach us that peace is a state of mind and that it’s still possible to be happy in the midst of turmoil and chaos.

Thanks to author - Geoffrey James for the wonderful post. To read the complete article, please visit =)


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