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Sunday, June 19, 2011

What happen when you cant read & speak Thai?

This evening I drove to a nearby shopping mall for dinner. I was walking around the mall alone and decided to have fast food dinner. I entered this McDonald's Restaurant and saw Samurai Pork Burger set on the menu. Since non-halal burger is not available in Malaysia, I decided to order a set for myself. =p

When I was in the queue, an auntie gave me and another customer some coupons. We thanked her and took her coupons. However, all the coupons were written in Thai. =( I wasn't sure what was the promotion about, but one of the coupons has the picture of Samurai Pork Burger set which I wanted. 

So, I handed the coupon to the cashier upon making my order. The cash register machine showed 106Baht, which was exactly the same price as the price showed on the board. Well, I thought the coupon has some sort of discount? How come I was still paying a full price? *confused*

Guess what?!?! I only realized what was the coupon about after that!! It should be "Buy 1 set of Samurai Pork Burger & get 1 Pork Burger worth 56Baht for FREE".... Because, I ended up with 2 pork burgers, 1 pack of french fries & a coke!!! Hahaha!!! Greedy me bought 2 burgers for 1 meal. XD

I took the extra burger home. It will be my breakfast tomorrow morning. LOL! That was a pretty funny experience on language barrier.


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Sue Lin said...

Hahah! Good one =)