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Monday, July 06, 2009

Beware on the road

I would like to share an experience with you...

This morning I witnessed a car accident at the junction near my office. I was coming out from a junction and was turning right to my office. I saw this Grey Myvi (could be a student’s car) coming from the opposite. She was trying to make a U-turn without realising a motorcyclist was right next to her! She knocked right into the motorcyclist on her right side!!! OMG! It happened right in front of me within seconds and I heard the loud bang too!

This is how the sketch plan looks like... (Its not drawn according to the scale yea...)

I wasn’t sure what to do at that time. I thought of coming down from my car and help the poor motorcyclist. However, I ended up turned into my office's parking. Then, I started to call my friends about the incident and what should I do... They were like... “Chill! Don’t worry! I’m sure there will be somebody stop by and help, just go to the office.” Okay...

After that, my other colleague who reached about 5-10 mins after me didn’t see any accident at that area. So, I think the injury wasn’t that bad and the guy should be sent to the hospital already. *fingers crossed*

Lesson of the day: Drive carefully and watch out for the motorcyclists around you... They are so fragile... And I have seen enough of accident cases when I was doing those bodily injury claim files. I do not want to see them anymore. "Berhati-hati di jalan raya" okay?

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