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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Bad Day

I woke up at the wrong side of the bed today?

I depart from my house slightly earlier than yesterday. However, bad stuffs keep coming towards me and delayed my journey to work!

First of all, when I reached the traffic lights outside my housing area, I saw I dead black cat lying in the middle of the road. Then, I found out that the traffic light was malfunction! OMG! I was struggling to get out of the road!! It took me about 10-20 mins just to get out of the area. Not to mention the cars behind kept honking the very first car for not dare to get out of the junction. Common’ that Avanza was full with school kids, that’s why the driver was more careful! Stop making noise pollution...

After that, I faced the second challenge! The roundabout area was jam too!! It never happened at this timing before. There shouldn’t be heavy traffic. Another 15 mins was wasted on the short distance traffic. When I reached the Desa Aman housing area, I saw policemen were diverting the traffic to the inner lane and I was like... What’s happening? How am I supposed to get back to my East West Link Highway ? I just followed the van in front of me, hopefully he’s going to the same place as me. A while later, I saw an ambulance, police motorcycles, etc. There should be a bad accident. No wonder the traffic was diverted and those aunties and uncles who are staying nearby Desa Aman stood by the roadside and looking at the same direction...

Well, I continued to follow this van in from of me. Guess what? Yesterday I blogged about drive carefully and beware on the road. And today, I followed the van to do some ‘illegal stunt’ in order to get back to the main road! *Opps*

My petrol tank was damn low! However, I don’t even have time to stop by the petrol kiosk to pump some ‘drink’ for my car! I was rushing all the way as I saw a pretty heavy traffic on the East West Link... Another contributor to the jam was an orange van that parked at the road side. The back door of the van was opened. However, there’s no driver or passenger inside or around the van! I wonder what’s wrong with this van... So strange. After that... The next contributors were 3 cars that stopped at a 2 lanes road, towards Mid Valley! I guess that’s a chain collision... It’s a wild guess as I didn’t stop by and look. I don’t want to be another contributor to the heavy traffic!

Finally I have reached the Federal Highway ! It wasn’t as jam as I thought. It was manageable. =) *travel travel.....* All the way to my office and it seems fine. Since I reached office later than usual, I parked my car at the lower level basement. *sniff* The lift was malfunction toooooo! Grrrr... Okay, fine... I walked up the staircase...

When I reached the office, I realised my one of my shoes was KOYAK!!!!! I know its now MEGA SALES... But doesn’t mean I need to buy more during sales right? Well... I think I have no choice. My shopping list is getting longer now. I’m now waiting for my pay day!!

The song that best describes me now should be Daniel Powter’s Bad Day! LOL!



Sue Lin said...

Wah, lucky the bad day didnt last throughout working hours!

Jacqueline said...

Hahaha! Probably I was in the Happie Room... So, the effect wasnt that bad... LOL!