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Friday, January 28, 2011

*Bangkok dangerous*

When I returned to my apartment last night, I found that something was not right. Why was my bedroom door locked?! OMG! The apartment owner did not give me any key for that room!! I must be accidentally locked it in the morning! All my clothes and stuffs were locked in that room!! *(O_o)*

I was desperately wanted to open the door!! I need to get into the room!! T was there trying to unlock the door with various methods. We tried to slip business cards, post cards and brochures in between the door gap and hoped for the door to be unlocked. He even tried to poke the lock with wire and hair pin! However, all those were not working at all!! The door remain as locked.

These are some of the methods we tried to unlock the door (proven not working/ or we just didn't have the skills)

I called my Thai colleague for help, but her phone reception was so bad! We can hardly hear each other. Then, I called ST, another colleague a.k.a. neighbour for help. However, he was like in the mood of partially drunk. I wasn't sure if he heard me and understood my shit hit the fan situation at that time. Haha!

In the end, T and I approached our apartment security guard for assistance. We communicated with him with the simplest English. "Door locked. No key." (added with some sign language) Thank god! He understood and immediately informed a maintenance officer to help me.

The maintenance officer followed us to the apartment unit. I pointed at my door knob. He looked at it and walked into the living hall instead. Guess what? He climbed out from the living hall window and slowly walked towards my room!! Then, he climbed into my room through the room window! Oh my gosh! It was a 12th floor and the sky was so dark! I can't imagine what would happen if he accidentally slipped and fall down. Touch wood!!

Luckily the window in my room was not locked (This picture was snapped from the living hall window)

When I looked down from my 12th floor window, its pretty dangerous!

Within a few minutes, he managed to unlock my room and came out in one piece! *Phew!!* "krap khoon kaaa!!" I thanked him loudly in Thai. He saved my night! =) Now, I will always making sure that I don't repeat the same stupid mistake. I do not want another "Bangkok Dangerous" incident here. LOL!



Sue Lin said...

Whoa!!! Good thing its not u who climbed out =P

Jacqueline said...

I will not risk my life for that... LOL! Worse come worse I will wait for the locksmith until next day... :p