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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Bloody idiot stole my phone!

I am so damn pissed today! My Sony Ericsson K660i was stolen! What the @#$%^&*(*&$! I bought it with my first salary... and this idiot stole my phone! Right now, I have lost all my contacts, data, pictures, videos, etc... :'(

This is how my phone looks like.... I miss my phone.

That stupid greedy idiot... You will face your punishment very soon! Grrrr! YOU better watch out!!!!!

Dear friends, send me an email and let me know whats ur number, yea... I have already blocked my number, and I will reactivate my number ASAP... But then, I dun have any spare phone to use at the moment =( To buy another phone... I gotta wait... *sniff* I have already broke this month... H~E~L~P~!!!



Sue Lin said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear about your phone! Where did this happen? Stole from ur bag?

I realised i dun have ur number too... do we have each other on Facebook? I'll send u an offline message la

Jacqueline said...

*Sigh* Long story... tell u bout the story another time...

I just got a new phone. Manage to transfer my old contacts into my new phone. Luckily I backup my phone book b4...

I'm gonna send u a msg... dun worry... =)